Its it OK to be single?

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From a very young age it is drilled into us that we need to have a partner in life. From your first crush in primary school to crying about the guy who stood you up on valentines day. Having a boyfriend is a BIG deal.
As women we need to get to a place where is is OK to be single and we should be proud of it.We should be wanting to be confident in ourselves and our own abilities in life so that when we meet the ‘one’ he can be a PART of our lives not the be all and end all.
There is nothing more appealing to man than a confident woman, someone who knows herself. The best thing you can do whilst you are single is WORK ON YOURSELF. Don’t be afraid to try new things, maybe a new class or hobby. A woman who knows herself is ATTRACTIVE.
Being single is like being young, at the time you don’t appreciate it. All them boring nights alone, feeling like the odd one out when all your friends have boyfriends. Why not look at it another way! You can have whatever you want on the television whereas when you are in a relationship you have to compromise! The chances are your friends in these ‘perfect’ relationships have arguments and they can effect each other moods in a positive and negative way! Enjoy being the one that gets to go on dates and meets new people all the time. Enjoy your own company in the evenings and get your fill of your favorite programs.
The point is it is OK to be single.It is not a bad thing and at times it’s actually better to be single! There are so many woman who are in relationships just because they are too scared to be alone. Don’t be that woman. Be the woman that inspires the other woman with their self confidence and tells them that it is OK to be alone.
If your end goal is having a relationship wouldn’t you rather have the right one. Imagine buying a house, is it right to buy a house just for the sake of it so you are on the property ladder. Your not entirely happy with it, its OK.But when people ask you can say that you own a property.
Wouldn’t it be better to not own a property and when people ask just simply say that you are looking for the right one and you are not willing to settle for anything less. Its the same with a relationship don’t just be in it for the sake of it.Be single and when the right one comes your way you will know!
It IS OK to be single.

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